We had a Blast releasing Episode 3

Still on our Knees we where plugging the last lamps into the sockets, when the first guests arrived. Standing there in between the metal rags, which created additional walls for the stunning prints who transferred the stories on paper into the concrete surrounding the Lobe Block offered us. 

"Welcome to Hometown" - my sweaty self said to the - at that point - unknown women. Straight away I found myself inside the first conversation of the evening, able to introduce her to who we are, why we are doing what we are doing and what our publication is all about. It felt exciting, overwelming at times, but it infected each of us with energy we needed after long and exhausting weeks leading up to this very special day. Hometown Journal Episode 3 was really here. The soft green of the cover, the neon colored chair, they gave the otherwise rather monochrome a cold space warmth. Something we deeply wanted to persuade. A spirit of togetherness, of positivity, of futurism. 

I just finished my conversation, looked up and could not believe my eyes. It was maybe 4pm, and already the space was filling up. People actually came early and Lucy Cook started to play her favorite tunes for us. The sun found it's way through the clouds and a cold beer found it's way into my hands. Maybe I should get changed, I thought looking down at myself, discovering the marks the effort to set up everything had left. At the end of the evening I ripped of a piece of Ducktape from the leg of my jeans, I don't want to miss a single second of this! 

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