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Hometown Journal, is our indie online and print publication born in 2020 during a worldwide lockdown. While the world was turning slow two filmmakers had to follow the urge to broaden their horizons while being forced to wander off into different creative fields.

Starting to create a community which is true to haptic methods and the need for social interaction. 

Throughout conversations with artists around the globe, Hometown had become Hometown Journal. A printed annual Magazine.

Allowing a natural evolution, each of the published episodes completely reinvents itself drawing inspiration from both its experience and current impressions.

After its first episode in the summer of 2020. The Journal went on releasing two more episodes up until now, completing the first season. With a circulation of 800 copies, each bookish magazine is ad-free and 100% self-funded through work in the ad industry. Featuring more than 6 paperstocks and countless print techniques. Handmade in Germany, and as appreciative of the environment as possible.

While the perspective changes, each magazine wants to understand how and why we create. How it inspires us and how we can all participate in making creation evolve. For our 4th Episode, we want to go deeper, close the circle and draw an intermediate conclusion during our “way home”. 

Driven by the eagerness to learn from all others and share, we want to open a space. A physical Hometown for those who want to visit or stay, who want to participate or enjoy. Hosting sofa concerts, open decks, readings and exhibitions and offering workspaces for creatives to share. If you know a fitting location or want to host an event with us let us know.

Today we are based in Berlin, but always on the move. Following the streams of our creative endeavours. We hope to meet you on the way. One day.

If you want to learn more about our film work, head over to hometownduo.eu, containing a small selection of our filmwork. Mainly focussing on Short Films and Documentaries. If you are interested in our corperate portfolio please get in touch.