In episode 3 of our magazine that came out last year, we first featured the musician Kyle Quest alongside his friend and producer STCKMAN. At our release party we hosted in Lisbon last August Kyle invited a handful of his friends to improvise and jam for our audience. Since that night, which was ended by the police, we like to call him “the man of groove himself”

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    Shortly after releasing her new album “ORCA”, we delved into the world of Johannesburg-based musician Sei Siren, exploring the influences that shaped her musical path and the fearless approach she takes. From her upbringing surrounded by jazz and R&B music to her instinctive understanding of music structure, Sei Siren shares how her journey has unfolded till today.

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During our stay in South Africa earlier this year we fell in love with the sound of the Johannesburg based duo Club Valley. Our short film here embodies that first impression and their new ecstatic love song called “Ilah’s Dream”.

  • Manteau

    Lisbon is a vivid city, packed with stories, old and new ones. It’s probably one of our favorite cities we have been to when it comes to meeting and engaging with other creatives. Since we first tapped into the core of its music culture through our friends Kyle Quest and STCKMAN, the band Manteau was always in the back of our heads. We knew about them being around and creating music, but just now we got in touch with them – Some things happen when they are supposed to happen.

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It’s the second time we sat down with fellow filmmaker Lukas Tielke. After his film Phoenix made it into our third Episode, Lukas just premiered his short documentary named after the main protagonist. Burrnesha[s]. The day before his first screening we found a little time to video call each other and talk about the project.

  • Linda Merad

    We interviewed Linda for our second episode, with the goal to find out how she navigates through our creative society and how she deals with creative blockages.

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  • "The Seeker" by Lance Edmands

    The following two men could hardly contrast each other more. One of these is Lance Edmands. Born and raised on the Northeastern U.S. coast, Lance graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He became a writer, director, and editor who is now based in Brooklyn. His work has been featured at the Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Berlin, and New York Film Festivals.

    During a visit back to his home state of Maine, he stumbled across a newspaper article spotlighting a man unlike himself: a woodworker, Kenneth.

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    For our third episode we linked up with the Portuguese musician and documented his debut concert in Lisbon. Our film shows the life of a young guy with big aspirations and features his first album.

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Fellow filmmaker Lukas Tielke shares how his current work on a film project about refugees influences his future work as a filmmaker.

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