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Hometown Journal Episode 3

Hometown Journal Episode 3

It started as a magazine, but it came out as a book after one year of work. On 211 pages with many features and different paper stocks, this episode discovers how important it is to look beyond yourself. Together with a collection of artists from all around the globe, we reflect upon our society and how it influences everything we do and create. How it inspires us and how we can all participate in making it evolve. Episode 3 is meant to educate and unify, lifting taboos on unspoken topics that concern us all.

Featuring art from:

John Goodman, Chas Gerretsen, Lisa Sorgini, Colossale Productions, Niko Krijno, Antimimosa, Torbjørn Rodland, Max Pinckers, George Wylesol, Haitham Haddad, Melissa Alcena, Silvana Trevale, Cedric Schanze, Spoon Jackson, Ugo Martinez, Nadia Marquard Otzen, STCKMAN

Welcome to a new Episode of Hometown!

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